Katrina Kaif welcomes 2019 by dunking in freezing English Channel with her sisters. Watch video - Hindustan Times

Katrina Kaif welcomes 2019 by dunking in freezing English Channel with her sisters. Watch video - Hindustan Times

Many Bollywood stars like Kareena Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, Priyanka Chopra among others are out of the country to welcome 2019. Actor Katrina Kaif too has been stationed in England, it seems. And while the rest chose to ring in the New Year by endless partying, Katrina did the unexpected.

On Tuesday, she put up a video clip where she and possibly one of her many sisters along with another unidentified person can be seen running towards the English Channel and dunking in it. In a note with the video, she also informs that it is 0 degrees and that all should listen to their elders and refrain from doing such stuff.

Sharing the video Katrina wrote: “Happy first new year day. location - the English Channel water temp-0 degrees Lessons for the new year - best to swim in sea in the summer months. 2 - listen to ur elders ( esp about swimming in the sea only in summer months ). 3 - never envy others , everyone has there own struggles , we are all in this together . 4 - try to keep your mind where your body is , not ahead of it or behind it.”

In the video, we see the two of them rushing back to the shore even as the third person continues to swim.

In a separate picture, we see all three of them sitting on the beach, wrapped in towels. As her Instagram stories, she shared more pictures of the location where she is currently, a quaint English seaside village perhaps.

Katrina is known to test the limits of her endurance. In the recently released Thugs of Hindustan where she featured in the song titled Surraiya Jaan is a case in point. In the making of the song video, at one point, her co-star Aamir Khan mentions how Katrina is among the most hardworking stars in Bollywood and how the steps she had done in that particular song were impossible for him to do. It didn’t count for much as the said film flopped.

However, Katrina has enough reasons to smile. Her role as Babita Kumari in the recently released Zero has come up for much praise while the film itself generated mixed response. So authentic was the portrayal that many of social media speculated that it was perhaps a reflection of her breakup with actor Ranbir Kapoor, a comparison that the actor has stoutly refused.

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First Published: Jan 02, 2019 08:42 IST

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